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This Seems Familiar (A Thought on Game of Thrones)

(Warning: Here be spoilers, and this post refers to the show Game of Thrones, not the books).

Now, I don’t have any new fan theories to posit, although I am obsessed with fan theories now. I can’t seem to stay away from them. No, just bear with me, I have an interesting correlation to make here.

Hmm, where have we seen a red-headed witch who resurrects our beloved favorite character? Hmm…

If you said, “Buffy!” you’re the winner! (Sorry, you can wear this knowledge like a badge of honor, because I have no real prizes.)

Yes, on Buffy, Season 6, our favorite quirky red-headed witch resurrects Buffy. And it goes pretty much the same way: words are said, things are done, and no immediate action, so the Scoobies leave, convinced the spell did not work, and Buffy is lost to them forever.

Once I had this thought, I could not help but make a few more correlations between my two favorite shows.

Let’s start with Buffy and Jon. Both are constantly making sacrifices for their duty. Buffy knows that, as the Slayer, she will never have a “normal” life. Jon knows that as a Crow, he will never have the wife and kids, and a large keep on a small hill somewhere. Both of our heroes spend their lives saving others, which is admirable and sad. Buffy and Jon both fall in love with the “enemy”: Buffy with Angel and Jon with Ygritte. Of course, these lovers both become allies, but the truth is, they started out on opposite sides. Both are doomed to have sex that is forbidden – again, Jon with Ygritte, and Buffy with Spike.

But the similarities do not end there. Let’s explore the Scoobies.

At this point and time, Davos could be compared to Giles: the older man who offers wise counsel, occasionally in a very blunt, direct way. Davos and Giles are both the voice of reason, with painful pasts barely hinted at in the shows.

Obviously, Melisandre and Willow are the same: red-headed witches with a great power. Both witches believe in their magics and the powers that be. Of course, Willow is not a four-hundred-year old crone, but the similarities exist. Remember when she went dark? And flayed someone alive between two trees? Rather similar to a young girl being burned at the stake, don’t you think?

Xander and Sam are one and the same: not much good at fighting, good for some comic relief, and with hearts as large as their heads. The big difference here is that Sam is pretty smart, Xander not so much.

Angel and Theon are basically the same. Both did horrible things to people, and now are seeking redemption in whatever way they can. Both also have withstood terrible torture and tragedy, and have lost the people closest to them through betrayal or death.

Spike and Tyrion share many traits. Both have a “screw it” attitude, both were picked on when younger, and both are fairly intelligent. Oh, and both really, really like sex. There’s also the fact that both men loved the wrong woman, and had parents (Spike’s mother and Tyrion’s father) who were condescending and loathsome towards their children. They both (wait for it) killed those same parents for the maltreatment.

I see Dani and Glory sharing traits – with the exception of the fact Dani is not evil (yet). Both are powerful, bad ass women with worlds to conquer.

Dawn and Arya are one and the same. Just like Dawn is not really Buffy’s sister, but a mystical being turned into a human, and placed with the Summers for protection, Arya is in all likelihood not really Jon’s sister – although this is flipped a little, because it was Jon placed with the Starks for protection.

Ramsey Bolton could be Angellus when he’s turned by having sex with Buffy in Season 2. Sadistic, uncaring, sadistic, loves torture, sadistic…need I go on?

So there you have it, just my thoughts on how the two shows are similar.

©Suzanne Homsley, 2016


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