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Book Review – If I Stay

This was one of those books that kept haunting me, even before I read it.  It seemed I heard about it on every podcast I listened to, it showed up every time I logged into Goodreads, and every time I searched for even NON-FICTION on Amazon, it kept popping up all over the place.  I really could care less about the movie that is coming soon, I am really over this whole book-to-movie thing, and had very little idea of what this book was about when I ordered it, I just knew somewhere, the book gods thought I should read it.

The basic plot in brief, Mia has a loving family, a best friend, and a rock god of a boyfriend.  That latter was a little hard to swallow – I cannot explain it, but it did seem way too fake.  However, I did thoroughly enjoy the explanation of how she and her best friend, Kim, became friends.  I could relate to that, completely.  Her family was special, albeit a bit too good to be true, but their appearance is so brief in the beginning.  The events of this book occurred because of a snow day – the family all decide to go on a little road trip, as the roads are really not as bad as the school initially thought, so they go off to see the grandparents who live close.  While on the way there, there is a tremendous and tragic car accident.  What follows of the book is Mia outside her body, trying to decide if she is going to stay or (pardon the pun) give up the ghost.

The book was beautifully written, some of the scenes still rattle through my brain, and there were several scenes where my chest tightened and I prepared to surreptitiously wipe away tears.  Thankfully, the tears remained in place, but that makes this no less a moving tale of family and young love. 


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