Geek Week in Review – 5July2014

I am a day late, but I was on holiday for Independence Day. And with that weak apology, I will get on with a geek week roundup!

I think the biggest news this week is the fact that the new Batman vs. Superman movie will have three additional villains. The movie is getting a little packed and no news on casting.

And near and dear to my heart, the second Doctor Who Series 8 teaser trailer is out. It sounds like it is Dalek Caan, telling The Doctor he sees into his soul. I keep reading that Clara is unsure that The Twelfth Doctor is really The Doctor – but…that’s not new. Remember how Rose freaked out and was so bitchy to the Tenth Doctor, who she later decided she loved?

In the “not really NEWS” corner, Paramount “confirmed” a 2016 release for Star Trek…which was “confirmed” last week, although we’ve seemingly known it for a while. Still no news on a story.

I think I missed this last week, but apparently Harrison Ford was injured on the set of Star Wars. He is now recovering “nicely” but with a “knee crutch” (what is a knee crutch, exactly?)

And…that’s it, really. I know it’s short, but it seems to be a slow geek week, quite possibly because many geeks were too busy discussing the History of America to worry about pop culture. Have a great week, see you next week!


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