Geek Week in Review – 27Jun14

Well, another newsworthy geek week!  Let’s start with the bad:

There will be no Doctor Who panel at Comic-Con this year.  The cast and crew will still be filming Season 8, after which, they will embark on a publicity tour.  However, in other (much better) Doctor Who news, the trailer for Season 8 is officially out.  Don’t Blink or you might miss it (hahahahaha).  Okay, sorry, a little Whovian humor there.  The show premieres 23August.

Speaking of trailers, the official teaser for Mockingjay, Part 1 is out; I love the starkness of this clip.  Click through and you can visit the website with more fan stuff.  Let the countdown begin!

There’s been some speculation on what the next episode in the Star Trek (movie) reboot will be about. reports that Roberto Orci, the director for the third installment, spoke with the podcast Humans from Earth and did reveal it will be set in Deep Space. Seems the Enterprise is finally going to leave Earth’s galaxy and boldly go…well, you know the rest.  This installment will be released in Summer 2016.

With the fourth season of Game of Thrones behind us, everyone is scrabbling for their GoT fix.  This might keep you warm while Winter is coming, an awesome video someone did to make the intro to Game of thrones look like it was from the 1980’s.  Queen Elizabeth II visited the set of Game of Thrones this week, where she declined sitting upon the Iron Throne.  What an image that is.  Lastly from the Westeros scene, I give you: THE PUGS OF WESTEROS!

The Nerdist reports they have the skinny on Mary Steenburgen’s role in Orange is the New Black.  I have to admit, its another show I have missed, but I really want to watch.  Hopefully I will get to it this summer.  There are spoilers here, so beware and know you’ve been warned.  (I saw “Spoilers” and backed out).

The news on my end is brief this week – my apologies, I’m a little under the weather.  I wanted to cover the high points, though.  Have a great geek week!



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