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Book Review – The Flight of the Silvers

Wow, just finished one of the best sci-fi books I have read in a long time!!  The Flight of the Silvers by Daniel Price has such a unique premise that I fell in love within the first few pages.  The only down side to this is that it’s #1 in a series and it took the author between 3 to 15 years to work on this one.  (Three years according to his notes at the end, but fifteen years according to the back flap of the book).

The world ends quickly, following what appears to be an EMP.  Clocks go haywire, phones go down, planes crash…Hannah and Amanda Given are sisters, who are saved by mysterious, otherwordly strangers, who encircle their wrists with silver bracelets.  When the sisters arrive in a strange new world – similar to our Earth, but not our Earth – they find four other survivors: a cartoonist, a teenage girl, a teenage boy from Australia, and an alcoholic in a coma.  The sisters are uneasy as they take in their new surroundings in a scientific complex, but eventually, all the survivors adjust and fall into a family-like existence.  All but one realizes they have special powers, which the scientists work to help them harness.  Their idyllic existence is shattered by a surprise attack by other beings who have similar powers.  The six go on the run, chased by their attackers and federal agents.  It’s terse, taut, and a definite page turner.

This was such a great book, coming in at six pages under six hundred, I finished it quickly.  It’s such a unique premise and extremely well written.  The characters are mostly likeable, but I suppose the fact that I do not LOVE them, means they are “real.”  I cannot wait until the sequel comes out, because I really want to follow the adventures of these six “aliens”.


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