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(Brief) Book Review – Dead to You

This suspenseful YA book by Lisa McMann kept me up a little later than normal the last two nights.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book, although there were a few minor issues (I will discuss without spoiling).

Ethan was kidnapped when he was seven. He’s sixteen now, and coming back home.  Unfortunately, his homecoming is fraught with tension and fear.  He cannot forget the only “mother” he ever knew, Ellen, his kidnapper.  Ellen left him in Nebraska when things got tough.  But, as angry as he is with Ellen, he can’t sell her out, either.  Ethan is finding it difficult to fit in with his family, especially since there’s a new addition, his little sister, Gracie. His brother, Blake, is angry at him for getting in the car with strangers, and repeatedly tells Ethan that he was seven, he should have known better.

However, as badly as Ethan is trying to fit in, his memories are eluding him.  He cannot remember things in the pictures he recovers.  He feels different, and he does not want to go to school.  His anger and anguish build until….well, just read the book.

There are one or two issues with the book – just that a few events do not seem fleshed out enough.  But, all in all, the book was definitely suspenseful and interesting.  I really enjoy McMann’s writing, although admittedly, I have not read her “Wake” series.  I like these YA thrillers, they are not quite as dark as an adult thriller (I typed that without a trace of irony, since I just started John Sandford’s latest Davenport novel).  I look forward to many more books by McMann.



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