Book Review – My Life Among the Fairies of Walnut Ridge

Technically, I believe this work by Michael E. Glasscock, III, is considered a novella; it is approximately 190 pages (it’s a Kindle book).  I received this book from Netgalley and it is an enchanting, humorous, and satirical read.

Told from Preacher Jack’s point of view, the story is about how a magical creature came unexpectedly into his life one Saturday afternoon.  Maybelle, a fairy, tells Preacher Jack she’s been sleeping by his head for nearly a year, and that she loves him.  Being as gorgeous as she is, and he being a drinker like he is, Preacher Jack at first believes he is hallucinating.  She convinces him that he is not and the two fall in love.  Maybelle introduces Jack to a whole new world – not just the world of the fairies, but a world with love and companionship.  She also sets him on a journey of self-improvement.

Unfortunately, strife must exist, even in as magical a world as Preacher Jack’s humble abode.  It’s the men who leer at Maybelle initially, but this is chump change compared to the pot growers, meth cookers, and suspicious people in the neighborhood.  Maybelle eventually takes on the crooked US government, in an incident taken right from recent headlines.

Such a quick read, and a great one at that, I would recommend picking up this e-book soon.


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