Book Review – The Road

Cormac McCarthy’s visionary postapocalyptic novel is sparse, yet tense and full of love.  It also won the Pulitzer in 2007, with good reason.  My heart was breaking as I read it, and I felt like I couldn’t breathe once I finished it.

The novel centers on a man and his son, surviving after some dreadful, unnamed apocalyptic event.  Always on edge, always trying to stay one step ahead of “the bad guys,” this story is a perfect example of what a parent will do to protect his child, no matter the conditions.  Hauntingly told with minimal dialogue (and without the normal usage of quotation marks to denote dialogue), the story begins with an urgent drive to make it to the ocean.  The Man has several flashbacks in the beginning of the story, which serves to build the despair he feels throughout the book.  The Boy is of an indeterminate age and is often fearful and clings to the Man.  The utter destruction of the Earth is frightening and so very, very vivid.  The Boy knows no other world than this one, but unfortunately, the Man has happy memories, which are terrible, because he knows they are in the past, and he will never be able to live that life again.

If post-apocalpytic fiction is your thing, this is your book.  If you read award-winning tomes, then read this one.  There is a movie based on this book, I am probably going to skip it, although I did read that they changed very little from the book.  Once again, I am presenting a very brief review, however, the book itself is quite slim, and I do not want to reveal any spoilers, sweetie.


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