Book Review – Look Behind You

I received this as an advance e-book from Netgalley. Written by Sibel Hodge and hailed as a “must read for Gone Girl fans,” this book was entertaining and fast-paced.  Chloe Benson wakes up in an underground tomb, bound and with no recollection of how she got there.  She manages to escape, but that is when the trouble really begins, as no one believes her story at all. Married to controlling Liam, she is left t wonder if she really has lost her mind and hallucinated the terror she went through, or if there is truly someone out to harm her.  This is definitely a page turner, as you also wonder, is it Liam?  Is it her friend she can’t reach?  Is her friend dead?  Is it Jordan?  WHO IS IT???  The writing is well done and I look forward to reading more by this author.  Unfortunately, this review is fairly brief, as I am too afraid of spoilers.  I would recommend this book for sure, though!


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