Books, Middle Grade

Book Review – From Norvelt to Nowhere

This will be brief, as this was a middle grade book, written by Jack Gantos.  It is the sequel to his award-winning, Dead End in Norvelt.  Jack and Miss Volker are back, and funnier than ever.  When another mysterious murder occurs, Jack and Miss Volker are on the case.  Unfortunately, before they can investigate in earnest, Eleanor Roosevelt passes away.  After a funny mishap in what Jackie supposes to be a secret bomb shelter, Miss Volker convinces his mother to allow him to accompany her on a pilgrimage to see Eleanor’s grave.  While on the road, they receive bad news, which sends them traveling in a different direction.  Along the way, the two ponder history, the similarity all of us have to Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde, and how that is contrast to what Mrs. Roosevelt desired.  The history is entertaining, and should lead children to explore some of these events on their own.  This book, just like the first, had me laughing hysterically, and causing my daughter and her friend to question what on earth was I reading?!  It is definitely a must read for your middle grader, and what could be better than reading it together?  It is definitely a 5-star book, and makes up for the last couple of ho-hum books I have read.


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