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Book Review – Truly, Madly, Deadly

I found this book while perusing e-books from my library.  The title is by Hannah Jayne, a YA author.  This was a YA suspense, which I really enjoy.  The jury is slightly out on this one, but since I am committed now to finishing this review, I suppose I will make up my mind fairly quickly.

Sawyer’s boyfriend, Kevin, has recently died, in a drunk-driving accident.  In a series of flashbacks, one must assume he was an abusive boyfriend, although this portion of the book is not fleshed out well, at all.  You are left wondering if Kevin abused her repeatedly or if it was a one off.  Sawyer is tormented by his death, and the fact that his ex-girlfriend swears Sawyer stole Kevin from her.

Shortly after Kevin’s death, mysterious notes and messages begin appearing in Sawyer’s locker and on her car.  These messages seem to suggest that someone else dispatched Kevin for her.  The police visit Sawyer with many questions, but again, this is dropped faster than would actually happen in real life.  (I know it is a book, but some areas are just not fleshed out and this is one of them).  Sawyer begins to get frightened with the realization that perhaps someone is stalking her.  And for the rest, you will have to read the book.

There is a lot of tension and drama in this book, and it is an interesting read, but there are a few problems.  Sawyer has flashbacks a lot, not a problem normally, but she has them at odd times.  The book is a little formulaic – and I totally deduced what was going on about halfway in.  But, even with those problems, I want to read more by this author.  I do like YA suspense – since it isn’t quite as dark or heavy as regular adult suspense.



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