Book Review – Hidden

I picked up a gem of a book through Amazon’s Kindle First program a few weeks back.  If you aren’t familiar with this program, it allows Prime members to receive a free pre-release book once a month.  They give you four choices, and you choose one.  Well, this book, Hidden, by Catherine McKenzie was my first Kindle First.

The book was told from the perspectives of Jeff, who is killed in a car accident rather immediately (I’m not spoiling – this is in the Amazon synopsis); his wife, Claire; and his friend, Tish.  It’s a rather touching story of the love Claire has for her husband and he for her, but you also sense that his friendship with Tish was not quite just a friendship.  You spend the whole book wondering if they had an affair or not, and the author is a master of weaving their stories together.  Jeff and Claire have one son, Seth, and have drama from Claire’s ex-boyfriend.  Tish is married to Brian, and they have a daughter, Zoey, a year younger than Seth – who competes in poetry reading contests.

This is a rather brief review, because I cannot say much without revealing too much.  It’s not something I would typically read, but since it was free, I did download it.  I am very glad I did.


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