Book Review – A Circle of Wives

Well, this was an interesting story, by Alice LaPlante.  I would probably give it a 3 1/2- or four-star rating, it was a good book that I really wanted to finish reading once I got started, but not enough to keep from putting it down frequently to do other things.

The premise is Dr. John Taylor is found dead in a hotel room in his hometown of Palo Alto, California.  Upon further investigation, it is revealed that Dr. Taylor has three wives.  This just opened up the door to all kinds of motive.

His “first” wife of twenty-five years is Deborah, a rigid society type.  His “second” is MJ, an earth mother.  The third wife is Helen, a pediatric oncologist in Los Angeles.  The detective who catches the call is Samantha Adams, aka Sam (no beer jokes, please).  Samantha is not very confident, especially when facing Deborah, a formidable suspect.

The book is told from a multiple point-of-view (POV), which I thoroughly enjoy.  However, within about five chapters, I really had it figured out, but thought “nah, that’s too easy.”  I guess I was right.  Still, I’m not trying to persuade anyone not to read the book, just that it is a bit formulaic, even if it is different and interesting.

I am thankful for whatever list it was that I read to find this book; I found several other hopeful gems that I will be reading this week on the same list.  If I discovered this on someone’s blog, please tell me, and I will be sure to give credit where it’s due.  I just read so many blogs about books and lists about books, that sometimes I forget.  (Remember if I am not reading a book, I am reading about reading a book). Give it a try.


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