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Book Review – Undead and Unsure

I love the Undead (Betsy Taylor, Queen of the Vampire) series by Mary Janice Davidson.  But, as much as I love them, I fell behind a few books.  They weren’t at the top of my list anymore, just because I did not have as much time as I previously had.  But, about a year ago, when I got tired of commuting, I realized that my library had an audiobooks program.  And, as luck would have it, they had most of the Undead books I had not yet read.  So, I caught up on them, and was only the most recent one behind.  Well, let me tell you…Once you have listened to a series like this (at times humorous, at times touching), it’s hard to actually read it again.  This coming from someone who finds it difficult to listen to books (I get distracted and miss whole chapters).  But, these books are worth it.

This book is #12 in the series.  I would honestly give it 3-stars.  It starts out so disjointed, like there’s really NO story there.  I was about halfway through before the actual plot started.  Before that, it was like listening to the ramblings of…well, me.  It was all random, had very little point, and repeated itself.  And by “repeat itself,” they literally include a chapter from the last book. Not a synopsis, but a whole replay of a chapter from the last one.  That was ever-so-slightly annoying.  Betsy was prattling on and on about Jessica, her forever pregnant friend; Mark, her doctor friend; Dick, “not Nick,” Jessica’s love; Burr and Furr, Sinclair’s pets; Tina (no explanation necessary); and of course, Sinclair.

About halfway through, it picked up a little, but seriously, even then, there was really no point to this story other than a vehicle for Betsy to ramble, cuss, and have sex.  I do enjoy Betsy, but lets face it, she can be so very annoying.  Funny….but annoying.  Self-centered, self-involved, self-absorbed….Can be very aggravating when someone is trying to talk to her.

Will I listen in the future (provided there are more future books)?  Yes, of course I will.  I did try to read this book a few weeks back, but could not get into it.  But the narrator does such a great job with these characters, I have to listen.  She is so frighteningly funny.  (Her name is Nancy Wu.  I need to find more books she’s narrated).

Had I read this book, I fear it would have been a two-star book, but the audiobook really makes it.  (I actually toyed with the thought of giving it 2 1/2 stars).  Still, she is funny, and so now I need to see if any of her other series are available as audio downloads through my library.

But for now, I’m off to physically read.


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