Book Review – Tremor (Pulse #2)

I have waited impatiently for a year for this book.  The minute I closed Pulse by Patrick Carman, I was counting down the days for this book to appear.  I follow Carman on Facebook and Twitter, and the teases were nearly unbearable!  However, that being said, since I try to be sensitive to spoilers, this review might be vague.

If you haven’t read Pulse, the premise is the year is 2051, the United States of America is not anymore, and people are taken off the streets in white vans, for unknown reasons.  Faith is presumably an ordinary girl, who has moved from school to school. While at her latest school, she meets Dylan Gilmore, who convinces her she has special powers, a “pulse.”  Because she has caught Dylan’s eye, she has been noticed by Clara Quinn, a popular jock who is in love with Dylan.  Faith has also caught the eye of Clara’s twin, Wade.  Much anger and mayhem ensues in the opening book.

Tremor picks up a few months later, with Faith training with Dylan and his mother, Meredith.  Faith has a score to settle and sees white hot rage all the time, which is worrisome to Dylan, his mother, and her followers.  Hawk, their geek friend from the first book, is also along for the ride, managing all things techno related.  While Faith trains, and Meredith tries to harness Faith’s anger, Wade and Clara are also training in an undisclosed location.

When Clooger and Hawk make an important discovery, the action amps up quickly.  Secrets come spilling out every other page, and as a result, sometimes the reader is not sure which side is “good”.  This book does a great job of keeping you on the edge of your seat and breathless, waiting to see what is going to happen next.  The action scenes are spectacular and there are many surprises (including one GIANT of a surprise) awaiting in the pages.  Tremor is Carman at his suspenseful best.

There was one thing I did not like – Faith is not that sympathetic.  She’s brash and rude and single minded, all of these things are okay if the character tries to temper their harshness, but Faith is not all that likeable.  It’s understandable why she is the way she is, but there were a few times I wanted to punch her myself.

I know many people are not on the Young Adult bandwagon – I myself read anything and everything, and this is a great YA series – sort of what a dystopian world would be with superheroes and villains.  But, even if you are not a YA fan, try this series, it might change your mind.  Happy Reading!


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