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Music geekiness

I am a well-rounded geek, to an extent.  One way I am well-rounded, I adore music.  Basically all kinds of music.  Uh, maybe not opera, but I even like bluegrass (with GREAT reason).  I like classical, Broadway tunes, jazz, blues, pop, CLASSIC country (more on that in a minute), the aforementioned bluegrass, gospel, swing, rap…

Well, I am probably cheating.  My daddy played instruments – anything stringed, the man could play.  Okay, I am stretching it, I am not sure he ever had a chance to play a harp, but I bet he could have.  He did not really read music at all, just played by ear.  Knew enough about reading music to be able to tell what key he needed to be in, but did not read the notes as he played.  He played guitar for years, we used to go to bluegrass gigs when I was much, much younger.  He continued playing and eventually, started playing guitar at his church.  One of my greatest memories of him, was walking in and he was wearing solid orange, and playing a solid orange guitar.  I said, “Oh look, the great pumpkin is in the house!”  He called me a name under his breath that he probably should not have called me in church.  Another time I walked into church, he burst into a little CCR “Suzy-Q”.  I was thoroughly amazed – I had no idea my daddy even knew who CCR was, let alone well enough to play that song.

But, all this music I listened to growing up left me with a deep love of music.  I enjoy everything and try to share music with people, but lots of people really only like one or two genres (much like books :/).  Right now, I am on a Jamie Cullum kick.  He’s a pianist/singer from England, and is totally brilliant.  Very jazzy.  He does some great covers, but also has some wonderful original material.  (Told you I can geek out over music).

Now, this country thing, and my daddy and I discussed this not long before he passed away.  Modern country is just not, well, country.  It’s very pop-like.  Well, there are a few artists who have remained close to their roots, Toby Keith, Sugarland. And, that’s all I know, because I do NOT listen to modern “country.”  Taylor Swift started as a “country” artist, but I hear all of her stuff on the pop/rock station I listen to.  I much prefer George Jones, George Strait, Hank (Sr. and Jr.), Merle, Waylon, Willie…

But, even with all those country artists I do like, I still do not listen to it that often.  I was force fed country music most of my life by my mother, then both husbands preferred it, so I have had my share of country music throughout life.  🙂

I love to sing, and I love watching my child (and her peers) dance.  Dance is such a wonderful extension of music, and it’s so interesting to see how other people interpret the songs I know and love.

Okay, enough passionate talk about music.  This blog is distracting me from my Jamie Cullum radio station.


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