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Book versus Movie

How many of us HAVE to read the book first?  I fall into that category, but lately I do not even want to watch the movie.  I think this is fall out from cramming so much school work into the last three years, so that now all I want to do is read.  A lot.  It’s not that the movies are ALWAYS bad. For example, the Harry Potter books.  Uh…okay, maybe it is that the movies are not always what we expect.  Just a minor change from the book is enough to cause me to loudly whisper in the theater “That’s NOT RIGHT!” (I no longer go see movies where I have read the book, it’s too scary.)  Even “The Hunger Games” had a few changes that I thought made the book, but obviously did not translate within budget.  I have not yet seen “Catching Fire”, possibly this weekend.

I did recently watch “Ender’s Game,” which is based on the book by Orson Scott Card.  I loved the book, raced through it, and really was excited about the movie.  Not so excited that I put my life in jeopardy by watching it at the theater, but I did rent it and watch it during a recent snow or sick day.  It was good, it was exciting, but…it was not the book.  Sigh.

Then I watched “I Am Number Four” (yes, I am just a few years behind).  This movie was based on the first book in the series by Pittacus Lore.  I LOVE this series. It’s Young Adult science fiction, which is great to me.  I love science fiction, but some adult science fiction just gets so heavy, talking about the types of technology the aliens have, and its all so very engineer-y.  Well, that’s all well and good, but it takes a while to plod through some of those adult sci-fi books.  So, the Lorien Legacies is excellent.  Exciting, interesting, unique.  But, for all that, I was not all that excited about the movie, after I read the series.  I was fearful for the sanctity of the beloved book.  I did not finish the movie.  I am sure it was a perfectly delightful movie, but it felt wrong.  It did not match anything I had envisioned.  Oh, wait, one thing was right.  The dog, Bernie Kozar, was absolutely identical to what I had in my mind!!!

A coworker asked me if I had ever watched the show “Bones.”  Well, yes, briefly, because I had read the series and because I love David Boreanaz. But…not too far into it, the series just did not ring true to the books.  The downside is, now I have not read any of her more recent books, and I have not watched anything past the first season.  I have not watched the “True Blood” series for the same reason.

So, the movie “Divergent” comes out in a few weeks.  I am just not sure if I am going to be there.  I loved this series, loved it.  I can already tell that Four is not as I pictured him, I have avoided watching too many trailers or seeing too many adverts, but that’s just not good right there.  I can see me being thrown forcibly out of the theater when I yell at the screen “that’s not RIGHT!”

Please, someone tell me I am not alone in this book snobbery?  Or is it because I am just starving for some serious reading time, that I am eschewing movies for books for a while?  Book geeks of the world unite!


2 thoughts on “Book versus Movie

  1. I agree with you! Not just as strongly but yes, of course, movies tend to take away the element that books offer. I’ve read the Divergent series. Loved it. Watched the movie, even and there…I was a little disappointed. Now that I think of it, I am more than ‘a little’ disappointed. They skipped and changed quite a lot of things in the movie and that was just…NOT RIGHT! (As you put it.) I don’t know how else to put it because that phrase works perfectly.

    • deesboots says:

      LOL Thanks! My youngest wants to see that movie and The Fault in Our Stars and I’m just “eh, Redbox.”

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